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(Megu Hosokawa) Realized Your Wish


n0392 2008/12/26
Megu Hosokawa
Realized Your Wish

If such a nymph is standing as a sex industry worker in front of you, what on earth does you do?? More over, she is very bright although small and has lovely smile, and if she is in a
preeminent style and unlimited vaginal cum shot can be possible….. Such a wish was realized this time. However, she had the painful past. Current life is changed suddenly at the
moment due to only association with a man who has the debt. The pure body was fucked by violent brutal people and fell. MEGU HOSOKAWA is a sex industry worker. The sense that

came to lover's house to play is produced. MEGUMI gets down on a knee before a man and takes down pants while smiling and start fellatio. It is the devoted play that it cannot think to be
the girl who was a girl student a while ago. And, clothes are shamefully taken off and the body washing play is started. The personal narrative is started while scrubbing the body to a man
who is surprised at gap between lovely looks and thick service. She confesses to a favorite senior half a year ago. The boyfriend had an enormous debt though it was good until having

associated. MEGU is sold as security of debt and she is working sex club now. Lotion play on the mat is made continuously through the periscope play as the standard play in the bathtub.
It is finger fuck by the six nine posture after tub service by tits. The finger is put in a lovely pussy and MEGU feels it seriously. And then cock inserted at woman on top posture. It moves to
the bed after backward woman on top posture and she pleads for the cock at crawl on all fours. The ostium of the vagina that opened a little is obscene. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes

from the pussy that is intensely rubbed with the cock at back & missionary posture. It drips even to anal. And then it is vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, the finger is put in the pussy
that moves strangely and semen is raked out. After the fact, MEGU begins to talk about the sold settlement more in detail while entrusting body to the guest. MEGU is surrounded by a debt
collector immediately after boyfriend's debt's turning out. The promise to present body of MEGU instead of the debt had already been exchanged. The frightened MEGU is immediately

suppressed the body and is made open leg pose. The lovely pussy to which only boyfriend's gentle caress is experienced is played violently and is made to spout a large quantity of joy juice.
In addition, after the attack of the rotor toy, vibs toy is inserted. The woman exhausts the rotor toy that put in the vagina many times. MEGU is made to have incontinence in the continuing
electric massage machine attack though she seriously opposes. She feels shy also to the indecent sound from the pussy appearing regardless of one's intention seriously. And it is standing

fellatio. MEGU is surrounded by many cocks and is panicky. Three cocks are thrown in the mouth at the same time and glans are licked by the tongue. And then cock inserted at standing
back posture. Vagina meat to which piercing to interior and was opened adsorbs the cock. And, the cock is inserted again at the lift hip up pose. She endures hard the disgrace posture that
experienced for the first time. The first vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. Then boyfriend inserted cock. It is the insult play that fucked by boyfriend in front of brute and he

made vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted at the side posture semen injected at M-leg woman on top posture. The fourth cock is continuously inserted at
missionary posture. Other a debt collector gathered, too in the middle of play and the ejaculation is made one after another aiming at face & mouth of MEGU. The face of MEGU becomes
muddy by the semen of 15 totals. Immediate aftermath, it is ejaculation in vagina. She is told that there is the debt of the boyfriend still more in light-headedness and consciousness to do.

MEGU immediately sold away to sex club after she graduates is repaying the debt now. MEGU cannot have the luxury life because the income almost disappears by debt. The appearance
to eat at a first food shop after she works is witnessed many times. On the other hand, the boyfriend married with a rich princess. He seems to have completely forgotten things of MEGU.


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