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(Hikaru Kawashima) Three hole fuck


n0391 2008/12/23
Hikaru Kawashima
Three hole fuck

A saucy woman is proliferating! Good Style, Slender Beauty leg. However, though it only, such slut shows haughty attitude excessively. Slender beauty model HIKARU KAWASHIMA is
a typical saucy woman. Even if the big business is decided, she only insists only complaint and dissatisfaction, and surroundings are nuisances. Naturally, a usual discussion is impossible in
such slut. It is the most effective to use the cock. The pussy and anal are skewered with the cock! A larger quantity of semen poured while the consciousness of HIKARU fades and gave the

decisive blow. It is the movie set of third-class magazine. It is small work & cameraman whom compatibility doesn't suit. HIKARU doesn't have the motivation at all. In addition, HOLARU is
complained to the manager that she wants to do bigger work after taking picture. Surprisingly, the manager has been treated as the slave from HIKARU. The violence is a daily occurrence,
too. He is requested to lick toe and pussy, too. The hair of the manager falls from stress by daily unreasonable handling and head becomes as bald as an egg. However, a man quietly

endures it even so. It feels that take off one's hat to him. In such situation, large work comes unexpectedly. It is the commercial photography of the major sweet maker. If this is hit, it
is not a dream that HIKARU becomes major. HIKARU enters studio immediately and begins the dance lesson. HIKARU also express the complaint & dissatisfaction though it is an
important dance that tells the image of the sweet. Supervisor's OK doesn't go out no matter how it does though the content of the dance is made to complain to the manager and to be

changed by force. HIKARU who get irritated made violence as usual to the manager. A president of the confectionery maker who appears to studio witnesses violence of HIKARU. In fact,
the manager who is hit was president's son. Though the manager asked father and got work somehow but it is this state. The president rages at HIKARU who does not understand painful
hardship at all of the person concerned. Usual CM taking a picture is in haste interrupted and taking a picture of the back version is begun immediately. The attitude of the staff who took

a modest approach changes suddenly. Though HIKARU is a frightened expression, but is already too late. Clothes are taken off and the pussy is opened greatly by the open leg pose.
HIKARU is immediately suppressed and is made finger fuck & rotor toy attack though HIKARU tries opposing in the development that cannot think to be the photography of the commercial.
Then, vibs toy inserted in the pussy. And the joy juiced gushes gradually in the vagina. In addition, it is stimulated with the electric massage machine and the joy juice is increased further.

The pant voice gradually loud, too. And Cuzco is inserted. The joy juice that becomes cloudy adheres thickly to the opening of uterus. It is in a shameless vagina only of the woman
with bad character. Then cock is inserted at standing back posture after the cock is thrown in by the mouth and four is sucked one after another. The hard piston as delicate body seems
to break is made at woman on top, backward woman on top, missionary, bending and side posture and she faints in agony. In addition, the cock is inserted also in anal at back posture.

An obscene sound leaks from anal at each insertion. In the next, cock is inserted in anal with the pussy skewered at woman on top posture. The mouth is also closed by cock and it is three
holes simultaneous fucking. It is suitable devil play for beating up a saucy woman. And then it is vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. The second cock is immediately inserted and
semen is injected at back posture. The third cock continuously made vaginal cum shot at back posture. The sound that semen flows backward from the pussy immediately after the cock was

pulled out sounds. And fourth cock inserted at missionary posture and mede vaginal cum shot at bending posture. The lovely pussy severely overworked makes semen flow backward
while having greatly extended. Next, cock inserted into anal at missionary posture. An intense piston is repeated and men splashed semen to the face of HIKARU who suffers one after
another. The face of HIKARU becomes muddy by the semen of 14 totals. Immediate aftermath, semen is injected also into anal. The supervisor saw the face covered by semen and become
dirty and made NG, and take 2 is immediately prepared. OK has not gone out though taking a picture is progressing to take 30 now. It hear that the guarantee will not be paid if
overworked pussy and anal become no use before OK goes out.


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