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(Haruka Aoi) Vaginal Cum Shot


n0394 2009/01/02
Haruka Aoi
Vaginal Cum Shot

The TOKYO HOT finally has done! Wooow.... achieved world record of insertion. It is 50 continuous firing in rapid succession to repeat the insertion and vaginal cum shot. It is an extraordinary
figure that fucking & vaginal cum shot is becoming the world standard recently. It is young pretty slut HARUKA AOI who became prey whom the school uniform suits well. The image
that the cock is inserted to pussy one after another as like press to HARUKA and ejaculate in the vagina is astonishment. The pussy into which 54 in total a large amount of semen including

50 continuous vaginal cum shot is injected will collapse at a dash. The semen injection that doesn't end for a long, long time is continued endlessly and the nymph seriously appeals for the
limit of the body and a sorrowful shout is raised and she opposes. The work of the super-astonishment class finished. HARUKA of the honor student stays in the classroom after school and
study by alone. HARUKA who is innocent and serious though she is a nymph girl is a splendid target of a delinquent group. She is enclosed by delinquent and is played a trick when

finished the study and is going to home. Though the skirt is turned over and she try to escape, fortunately, she is helped by the homeroom teacher who has entered a classroom by chance.
However, the teacher was a bad teacher who was always aiming at body of HARUKA and reason to help is from a secret desire. HARUKA is immediately licked the ear and is made deep kiss.
And, after the panty is taken off, one leg is lifted high by the standing pose and the pussy on the way for development that pubic hair doesn't grows complete is exposed. However, HARUKA

cannot oppose by the surprise and fear. And then, cock is inserted at standing back posture after the cock is thrown in the mouth. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy
at the missionary & bending posture and vaginal cum shot was made. HARUKA worries about the pregnancy while looking into between groins and wipes the hole in the tissue though the
teacher leaves immediately. However, fucking with the teacher and the appearance to wipe the pussy many times were being looked by delinquent group unfortunately. Men immediately

restrain HARUKA and push both hands both legs and restrained. In addition, taking a picture is started with the camera. HARUKA from whom hole was greatly opened by open leg pose
is made deep kiss after labia meat is pulled. In addition, the ear and the nipple are licked and the whole body is fingering. And then it is toy attack. Though HARUKA makes noise to the rotor
and vibs toy seen for the first time and try to oppose, Men get excited extra. The clitoris is stimulated by the rotor toy and the vagina is enhanced with the thick vibs toy. Immediate

aftermath, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus is exposed. In the next, cock is thrown in the mouth one after another and standing fellatio is made. The appearance that three
is licked at the same time and the corresponding hard invites the more excitement. And, it ejaculates on the tongue and in the mouth after the largest cock in the men is pierced in the
throat deeply and it is made to suck severely. After the fact, the cleaning fellatio is made as well. Then cock is inserted and vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture after poked at

back & woman on top posture. The second cock inserted at back posture and semen is injected. The third cock is inserted at bending posture and of course it is vaginal cum shot. The
labia meat is getting rolled up on the outside in bad looking and A cruel insulting is added to HARUKA of petrifaction. Many men who add to the student at the next school are gathered
and HARUKA is surrounded. There are 50 brute! The spectacle that all 50 people attack by the stark-naked toward HARUKA is strange. And, 50 people insert the cock in the pussy

expanded by the open leg pose one after another and ejaculation in the vagina. HARUKA suffers seriously and supplicates pardon to devil play of firing in rapid succession that 50 continue
vaginal cum shot that continue about 30 minutes. The sense of the pussy is paralyzed and the entire lower half of the body goes into convulsions. It is too confused very much anyway.
A thick liquid that semen of 54 shots mixes flows backward from the vagina. The pregnancy of HARUKA comes to light after this!! HARUKA is put a label called a loose slut and is expulsion

from school though HARUKA doesn't understand whose child got pregnant and is completely at a loss and consult with a class teacher. However, the return to school is decided as a meat
urinal thanks to the signature activity of 54 men who made vaginal cum shot. HARUKA aims at the update of the world record of continuous vaginal cum shot and the trained pussy now
though she desperately endures vaginal cum shot every day.


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