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(Miyabi Takahara) Fuck at all events


n0393 2008/12/30
Miyabi Takahara
Fuck at all events

It visited to the TOKYO HOT cosmetic that show the rapid growth by selling item that the woman seemed to like as fashion and a make-up, etc. There is vigor because growth is a remarkable.
The interview applicant doesn't cut the back either. Today's interview applicant is MIYABI TAKAHARA of atmosphere of beautiful slut. Fresh feeling and the dynamite tits of being
about to burst from the suit is good. What starts though the body is immediately groped? Apparently, the secret of becoming of the rapid growth seem to have been in the strategy that

overworked female employee's body. It sends salaam to the corporate philosophy to work out the employee's life by money that obtains by the works of woman. MIYABI who is attractive
in dynamite tits of F Cup pleads for sex depending too much on the boyfriend. And, it makes deep kiss positively and intensely. She is a lewd slut in spite of the before goes to for an employee
interview. The clitoris is groped by the open leg pose , in addition, she is made finger fuck and the pussy is drenched. MIYABI who gets excited sucks the cock. She sucks it with

great relish. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. MIYABI shouts obscene word while being made the piston at bending & woman on top posture. In addition, it reaches the
uniting part and the cock & the gem are stimulated. And then it is vaginal cum shot after back and missionary posture. After the fact, MIYABI informs the boyfriend of the thing of the
interview and go to the company. The pussy is in the state of the muddy by the backflow semen. After the image scene, it seems to be a considerable promising man power and it immediately

becomes a president interview though it is MIYABI who arrives at the company. The answer of the interview is also perfect because of an effect that kept using the body soap of TOKYO HOT
cosmetic during half a year. However, the president was looking only at a plump body of MIYABI. It begins to grope the body immediately and clothes are taken off. Though it is MIYABI
who opposes, it is said that he wants to confirm the effect of the body soap and she can do nothing but follow it. The tits is rubbed and the nipple is stimulated. MIYABI to whom nipple is

sensitive writhes loudly though she is an office. The hip is exposed in standing backing style and the body lotion of a new product is painted. And, it paints on the pussy in the open leg pose,
too. Then it is attack by the rotor toy to the clitoris. The spectacle where the joy juice begins to blot from a wet pussy in the lotion is obscene. The test tube is continuously inserted and the
vagina road is exposed. In addition, Cuzco is pierced and the opening of uterus is gazed. The state that she is praised when keeps a very beautiful pink vagina by the effect of the

TOKYO HOT cosmetics product, and it seems not t altogether bad though it is MIYABI who shows hatred in shame play. It is a foolish woman who doesn't know the pussy to be driven in
even immediately before destruction in the play after this. To tell the truth, a special element is included in the product of the TOKYO HOT cosmetic and the extraction method is a top secret.
However, the president directly guides the special element extraction to MIYABI. The business order at the interview stage of the new employee before it joins a company is exceptional.

MIYABI begins to suck a cock thrown in a mouth hard at the same time as she is pleased. It doesn't notice even if the true colors of a special element is semen and MIYABI made fellatio &
hand job service employees' cock one after another as incomprehensible. And then cock inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture after she is
fucked by various postures as bending, back, backward woman on top and standing back. The second cock immediately inserted and injects semen at back posture. The third cock inserted

at once and made vaginal cum shot at bending posture. After the fact, semen is exhausted while going into convulsions anal. Labia meat is transformed, too. After the fact, holding out of
MIYABI is admitted and it decides the adoption her. The salary is decided by the amount in which a special element is wrung by the piece-work system. The preparation for the element
extraction is immediately straightened and MIYABI entreats the facial cum shot for the employee. And, semen is splashed one after another to her face and it become muddy by the semen
of 12 totals. Immediate aftermath, semen is painted on the entire face and it is rubbed in strongly. MIYABI is greatly selected by the chief clerk of the special element extraction section after
this. A sense of existence as the president is advised to have to plan the extraction of joy juice is shown after half year. And it lets juice boil over and extract it when she kidnaps women
who is going the town. It increased sales more than before and became the clue of the TOKYO HOT cosmetics world advance.


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