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(Haruka Aoyama) Semen Effluence


n0396 2009/01/09
Haruka Aoyama
Semen Effluence

The slender beauty HARUKA AOYAMA who was an idol of company had the painful event never forgotten. She wants to speak everything rather. However, she cannot talk about because she
loves. Then on earth what was there!? We will show the full detail. HARUKA is flirting with the boyfriend in the bed. Stockings and the panty are taken off and finger fuck was made after
the ear is licked. HARUKA who gets excited licks the nipple of man by the tongue and gladly sucked cock. And, it shifted to six-nine pose. She sucks politely from side to ball bag while being

intensely licked the pussy. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. The waist is positively shaken at bending, sit and woman on top posture and she feels it. And vaginal cum shot was
made at missionary posture after piston was made at M-leg woman on top, back, side and backward woman on top posture. The spectacle to which the pussy that greatly opened immediately
after the cock was pulled out gradually shrinks is obscene. Immediate aftermath, she was scooping the semen that flows backward and taking into mouth by own finger. She seems not to

satisfy it. And, after taking shower together, it was deep kiss again in the bed. It is atmosphere that seems to rush into the second round. However, HARUKA who was asked the thing of
the other day's party by a man shakes and made fellatio deliriously while apologizing. What on earth would there be!? The hard memory of just other day revives in the heart of HARUKA.
HARUKA who was going back to home after continue a party of the New Year's party is invited to home by boyfriend's superior. Because two colleagues in the delightful atmosphere were

also together, relieved HARUKA continues the entering party to the room as invited. HARUKA is flattered and feels good. However, men were aiming at body of HARUKA from the
beginning. HARUKA is suddenly licked the ear and the body is groped. HARUKA is suppressed and stockings are broken though she opposes in surprise. The panty is taken off and she is
made open leg pose. In addition, a shameful appearance is taken of a picture with the video camera. In the next, a large amount of joy juice is gushed by finger fuck and HARUKA

desperately opposes. However, the both hands & leg is bound with the adhesive tape and panty is pushed in the mouth. Then it is attacked by the rotor toy after labia meat is picked with
chopsticks. It is inserted also in the vagina at the same time while being stimulated the clitoris. In addition, HARUKA ejaculates while being twisting body by the electric massage machine
attack and she is made acme. In continues, cock is thrown in the mouth and fellatio was made. HARUKA violently putting the cock in the interior of the throat and she suck it hard while

suffers and pouring away of a large amount of slaver, and it was double fellatio. HARUKA loses the opposing energy gradually by the merciless attack. Then, cock inserted at standing back
posture. A lot of cocks are put in one after another and the expression to which it is frightened invites the men's excitements further. And then first vaginal cum shot was made. Immediate
aftermath, the second cock is inserted and semen is injected at missionary posture. The third cock immediately made vaginal cum shot at bending posture. Immediate aftermath, the spectacle

where thick semen flows backward from the ostium of the vagina is a splendid. At the end, company employees who thought HARUKA secretly gathers to pour semen into the pussy and
insertion begins one after another aiming at the womb of HARUKA who was suppressed by open leg pose. Men who turn into the crucible of the excitement splashed thick semen to HARUKA
who ejaculates and dislikes it. 11 is injected in the vagina and six ejaculates to the ostium of the vagina. The pussy becomes cruel in the muddy by semen of 17 totals. In addition, the panty

is put on as a muddy pussy and she is driven out from the room as attack the routed enemy. After this, HARUKA is called regularly and is made fucked & vaginal cum shot by using the video
taken a picture as the material. And HARUKA intends to seem to press a boyfriend for marriage as mentioned that she got pregnant when she was fucked and made vaginal cum shot by
men. It is only a boyfriend that doesn't know anything.


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