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(Kaori Wakatsuki) Gun and Cock


n0395 2009/01/06
Kaori Wakatsuki
Gun and Cock

The incredible beautiful woman follows recently. It comes to light obviously though it is likely will shadow so as not to understand. It is such the poor work as the kind of the detective.
Some kind of invitation!? After all, she was my fan when I ask it directly. However, I am not an entertainer either. It will be doubtful more and more. Pretend to be cheated and push in
the room and let's keep confused with the friends. KAORI WAKATSUKI the slender beautiful woman of the quiet atmosphere challenges the infiltration investigation even it does not know

that she is made to be a prey of brutal person who lives by hunting. KAORI of sneaking investigator shadows one man. But KAORI is immediately found and becomes a predicament
though she might be hiding herself well. She is taken to the party as it is though a suitable reason is applied and the place is smoothed over. Although she thought that she was able to clip
it out well, it is a customary party of the TOKYO HOT to have been accompanied. KAORI was immediately touched body by men who go into raptures at the beautiful woman's appearance.

KAORI who plans to receive information from men cannot oppose. However, men think the woman to be doubtful from the beginning and they take off clothes of KAORI and made finger
fuck in order to confess the purpose of approached. KAORI to whom pussy was stirred by standing back pose reacts next rotor toy attack and goes into convulsions the lower half of the body.
Then, vibs toy inserted and poisoned it hard and she is made acme many times. She is stirred with the vibs toy in the vagina by the open leg pose and the cloudiness joy juice gushes.

And then it is the electric massage machine attack. KAORI pants loudly and faints in agony to direct stimulation that peels off the clitoris. Furthermore, the head of the massage machine is
pushed in the vagina and it is enhanced by seeming tear the ostium of the vagina. And, she got acme while struggling. In the next, the cock is thrown in to the mouth and standing fellatio
was made. A large amount of slaver pulls the string from mouth of KAORI who sucks while having a fit of coughing many times. And then cock inserted at standing back posture. She is

intensely poked by woman on top posture and is made acme with the cock put in the pussy. In addition, it is unbelievable villainy play afterwards. Another cock is put in the pussy that was
skewered by M-leg backward woman on top posture. The pussy skewered with two cocks drips the cloudiness joy juice while expanded in state of greatly transformed. The cock is pushed at
the same time also in the mouth. And it is vaginal cum shot after the piston is made intensely until the bottom of the vagina at the bending & side posture. Immediate aftermath, the second

cock is inserted and semen is injected at bending posture. The third cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made. After the fact, KAORI is kick out from
the room with semen thrown from the pussy. After all, she got nothing. The following duty had already waited when returning to the headquarters. Three blacks have a confidential talk in
the place where she was handed a handgun and went to. KAORI points a gun to men and intentioned to call “Freeze” but she shouted "Please!" Men cannot be surprised for the stupid

appearance and KAORI is immediately taken up the gun and is made deep kiss. And, the cock is inserted at back posture after clothes are taken off and finger fuck was made. A piston
intense for a delicate body to seem to break continues at missionary & woman on top posture and three blacks semen continuously injected in the vagina one after another. The pussy that
poked with a cannon cock is greatly opened. A further tragedy attacks KAORI who lying in the state of downhearted. Many men of the stark-naked appear from the cover. They made

KAORI to make open leg pose and cock that immediately before the ejaculation is inserted one after another and made the ejaculation in the vagina. KAORI is only frightened as
incomprehensible. The semen of eight totals is poured in the vagina. Pussy that is made dirty with semen goes into convulsions and semen flows backward. Then, last is PISS SHOT at
standing pose. The pussy is voluntarily expanded with the wearing a suit and a large amount of urine is excreted. The PISS SHOT is gazed and expression of KAORI becomes stiff. KAORI
is appointed to the semen jar investigator after this. It seems to do the sneak investigation all over the world. The scene which she is opened a crotch by men in the world, and is made fuck
seems to come into eyes.


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