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(Misako Fujii ) never say no


n0120 2006/04/16
Misako Fujii
never say no

MISAKO FUJII is the popular one of the company that makes the man employee puzzled by a large amount of pheromone.
The appearance to punch the key to the personal computer in the company is fascinating and it is a good reputation, and there are a lot of men who think to want fuck with her at one time.

MISAKO is a female office worker who always takes care with so that the man employee may work pleasantly because the character is also very good.
The character of MISAKO that cannot be said it is unpleasant when it is asked bring the misfortune, MISAKO fall a prey to brute team and to be made continues vaginal cum shot.

MISAKO is compelled fellatio service by brute employee while working overtime. In addition, two brute employee join and total three cocks are inserted in the mouth.
MISAKO who became a watery eye to three compulsion sucks is ordered compulsion masturbation. In the office, a man who gets excited by seeing masturbation injects his raw cock into her pussy.

The leg is lifted by the standing back posture and it is an extreme scene of the uniting part opening completely.
The fucking is continue at backward sitting and sitting posture and brute inject his semen into her pussy and the piston is begun to the pussy of MISAKO who is taken on the desk and he made a vaginal cum shot at the end.

However, cock keeps erecting after splashed semen and it rakes up semen and inserts the cock with semen in the vagina. In the following, hips are turned to the camera and brute?fs toy attack starts to MISAKO who become crawl on all fours.
It violently bullies in the pussy with a lot of toys such as vibs toy made of the bamboo and argent vibs toys.

Furthermore, pussy is expanded with four s character hooks and it peeps at a wet vagina and a sublime bullying continues by the finger fuck and electric massage machine attack.
MISAKO doesn't discontinue the vibration of the electric massage machine and be fainting in agony with struggle. A man doesn't make the permission of it and made her to make to ascend to heaven by the attacking angry waves.

The attack of the electric massage machine will have been impressed by the state that labia began to be seen in the greatly outside of the pussy when ending.
After enjoyed to bully her pussy, fucking starts from back posture. MISAKO pants while shouting it is pleasant to the play of wringing the neck at the side posture.

At the woman on top posture, two more cocks join and 4P play starts. MISAKO who turns into the mass of the lust is in avarice as for men's cocks.
She turns into the lewd pig when MISAKO who was handling work so seriously tastes the cock once. After satisfying close up scene that the vagina doesn't separate holding the cock in one's mouth, the missionary, bending and doggie back posture can be seen.
When the piston moves violently with gripping hip meat, he made vaginal cum shot as it is. When the cock that adheres semen is inserted in the vagina again, the second cock skewers MISAKO.
At the backward woman on top posture, the first semen's dripping and adhering to the cock whenever the cock is put in and out are very lascivious.
It shifts from woman on top to missionary posture, and the piston attack increases further. MISAKO ejaculates, "It is pleasant" and second vaginal cum shot was made.
The third cock forces insertion to her pussy where the semen drips endlessly. The lewdness of MISAKO who continuously accepts cock is increase exaggeratedly and explodes.
Men pour inject semen each in their way to her pussy. Semen flows out from the vagina by a continuous vaginal cum shot. The scene to which semen drips and a drop according to the shrinkage of the pussy is true worth of TOKYO HOT.
The last is cum shower party. Melancholy abnormal men who surrounded MISAKO made cum shower to her face while they are made hand job service.
The expression of MISAKO is in the state of the ecstasy when semen is sprinkled to her face.
The author made the decision to leave the company today and to change the job for the day that met the female office worker who was able to do the fuck as like as we want like MISAKO sometime.

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